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Video: Select The Right Mass Flow Controller For Your Application

May 18, 2018

Which mass flow controller will work best for my application?

Many times, we have had university professors and students contact us in tech support about which scientific flow meter they should get for their research. Sierra has two primary options for you to choose from:

  1. SmartTrak 100

  2. SmartTrak 50

We are going to go over the differences between these two options so you will know which to purchase in order to achieve your application goals.

When you need flexibility

If you need to make changes to your application, the SmartTrak 100 is perfect for you. The vast amount of flexibility and features empower you to adjust your research or application, which is best for the university or lab environment.

Changing gases is easy. Ten gases are already preloaded into the memory of the unit, and you can also have custom ones programmed into it. Making changes is easy with the local touchpad and large LED screen for viewing data.

With the controller, you can command it to purge mode and select the range of the controller. For even more flexibility, you can get the Compod module that replaces the touchpad but allows you the ultimate control over your application via computer with totalization, batch control, input control, mixing gases, blending gas, and setting alarms.

See how SmartTrak 100 was instrumental in a suspended animation  experiment by Dr. Kraus, allowing him to achieve his research goals with precise gas flow.

When you expect no changes in your application

If you know that your application will not change, then the more economical SmartTrak 50 is perfect for you.

The 50 series is not as flexible for a lab environment, as it was designed for single applications using a single gas with a single range. There is no local touchpad, so changes need to be done through a computer. To achieve signals for the device, you need to have it come from an analog source or computer.

This meter is perfect for OEMs or multiple units that you’re going to repeat over and over.

Learn more about how SmartTrak 50 can be used in OEM applications. Perfect for semiconductor industry, the 50 series allows you to maintain specified mass flow rates in the PVD process.

We can help

The right tools make all of the difference. If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us in tech support. We’ll help you select the perfect flow meter for your application.

Jim Oswald, Technical Support Manager
Written By:
Jim Oswald, Technical Support Manager
Sierra Instruments

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