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How to Specify the Best Mass Flow Meter or Controller for Your Application

Jul 11, 2019

A question we get a lot from our customers is how to determine which Sierra mass flow meter or mass flow controller is best for their application.  Followed up by: What’s the difference between an economical mass flow controller and a premium mass flow controller. Our new video explains the differences between Sierra’s economical and premium mass flow meters and gas controllers (our SmartTrak 50 and 100 product lines) and offers you a simple checklist you can use to purchase the best mass flow meter or controller for your application.


Differences Between an Economical Premium Mass Flow Meter or Controller

SmartTrak 50 is an economical mass flow meter or controller which offers a single gas flow calibration with no local touchpad or control. Maximum flow range of this device is 200 slpm. It’s ideal for single gas and OEM applications. SmartTrak 100 is the premium mass flow meter for you, if you need to measure/control multiple gases and have the ability to change your application parameters in the field. SmartTrak comes pre-programmed with 10 standard custom gases or mixes, with or without a touchpad display, and has a flow range of 4 sccm-1000 slpm.  The SmartTrak 100 is ideal for applications that need flexibility like universities or laboratories. Add an optional Compod™ to the SmartTrak 100 for gas mixing blending/batch control/ratio control applications.

50/100 table

How to Order A Mass Flow Meter or Controller

Using our SmartTrak 50 (economical version) and 100 (premium) as an example, we’ve created a short checklist that will help you specify the right flow meter or controller for gas applications (with most flow meter manufacturers).

  1. Decide if you want to meter or control the gas flow.

  2. Determine your application conditions.

    • What is your application gas?

    • How many gases does your application have? Decide if your application requires the economical (single gas) or premium meter (single/multiple gases with wider flow range).

    • What is your maximum flow rate?

  3. Determine the required body size of your device which is based on your application flow rate. For SmartTraks:

    • Flow rates up to 50 slpm Air equivalent, choose low flow (L) 50 Series

    • Flow rates up to 200 slpm, choose the medium flow (M) 50 Series controller

    • Higher than 200 slpm (up to 1000 slpm) choose high flow (H) flow device. In this case, SmartTrak 100.

  4. Choose flow body material, either aluminum or stainless steel.

  5. Decide on a display option.

    Digital display or no display.

  6. Choose your inlet/outlet fittings depending on the line size and flow rate.

  7. Decide on an output signal/and set point (controller).

  8. Choose the accessory or power supply needed. For the SmartTrak 50 & 100, you can use our purchasing guide to determine the right one for your meter or watch the cabling guide video.

Have an application you need help with? Contact us today.

Scott Rouse, Product Line Director
Written By:
Scott Rouse, Product Line Director
Sierra Instruments

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