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Ultrasonics, Water Flow Measurement: Part 2

Aug 25, 2011

In my last post, I discussed Sierra’s decision to enter the giant water flow measurement market due to our intimate and successful history in the waste water treatment industry measuring air flow with our thermal mass flow meters. At that time, almost a decade ago, we looked at ways to measure water flow and narrowed it down to two technologies–magnetic and ultrasonic. While both methods have wide utility, the ultrasonic flow meter has one huge advantage, it can be clamped onto the outside of a pipe!  Magnetic flow meters are in-line devices, so the pipe must be isolated, emptied and cut prior to installation. With an ultrasonic sensor, the sound beam simply propagates through the pipe wall, through any liners or even internal scaling, and then into the fluid.  This major installation cost advantage, the ability to clamp the transducers onto existing piping with no fuss, sold us on ultrasonic technology as the ultimate way to measure water flow.

Our Model 205i Innova-Sonicoffers low power consumption, high reliability, and outstanding applicability at an economical price. It has an easy to read display and clear, user-friendly menu selections making it simple and convenient. Our Model 210i offers the same great features, but in a hand-held portable version. As a result of listening to our customers in the waste water industry, we can now offer one-stop shopping for their flow instrumentation needs.

Scott Rouse, Product Line Director
Written By:
Scott Rouse, Product Line Director
Sierra Instruments

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