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With a proven installed base of over 15,000 units, Sierra’s line of inline and insertion thermal mass flow meters are the meter of choice to increase boiler efficiency and improve overall energy management for facilities. 

Boiler MACT Certified
For those in need of tuning boilers to meet EPA's Boiler MACT mandater for area source boilers (40 CFR 63, subpart JJJJJJ) and major source boilers (40 CFR 63, subpart DDDDD), see our InnovaMass 240S/241S for measuring outlet steam flow and inlet feed water, and thermal mass flow meters for inlet fuel flow measuring. Learn More. Download Boiler MACT Information Guide

Sierra’s wide range of thermal mass flow sensors offer accurate mass flow measurement of methane, propane and natural gas. Our BoilerTrak™ meters with gas mass flow sensors are specifically optimized to provide an economical and easy-to-install solution for precise natural gas measurement to heaters and boilers to increase air-to-gas ratio efficiency. The BoilerTrak thermal mass flow meter is also certified for Green House Gas measurement to meet EPA requirements- 40 CFR Part 98.

Sierra’s mass flow meters with precision sensors provide you with:

  • Direct mass flow monitoring that eliminates the need for separate temperature and pressure inputs
  • 100:1 turndown that accurately measures both low and high flows
  • Minimal pressure drop
  • Accuracy as good as ± 0.5% of reading
  • A lifetime sensor warranty

For a complete boiler efficiency solution, Sierra offers a line of multivariable mass vortex meters to accurately measure the steam produced by boilers. Our multivariable technology allows one instrument and one process connection to measure FIVE process parameters at the same time to simultaneously: mass flow rate, temperature, pressure, volumetric flow rate and fluid density. The InnovaMass 240i/241i is also ideal for compliance for Boiler MACT regulations for area source boilers (40 CFR 63, subpart JJJJJJ) and for major source boilers (40 CFR 63, subpart DDDDD).

Start saving money on your facility’s natural gas costs. Choose your mass flow meter with precise sensor technology today.

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