Boiler MACT (EPA Mandate) Compliance

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Sierra offers several certified Boiler MACT compliant thermal, vortex, and ultrasonic flowmeters that allow you to easily “tune” your boiler and provide required compliance data to the EPA.

Boiler MACT is an EPA rule to limit hazardous air pollutants (HAP) from commercial and industrial boilers and process heaters. Originally published in 2011 as a mandate driven by the Clean Air Act,  the rules are Area Source Boiler MACT 40 CFR 63, subpart JJJJJJ for smaller boilers (stores, hotels, apartments, small manufacturers, etc.) and Major Source Boiler MACT, subpart DDDDD for large ones (refineries, chemical and large manufacturing plants, large facilities).

Annual boiler compliance reports, efficiency tuning, and energy assessment are all buzz words, and facilities managers need to act fast to comply with the Boiler MACT regulations. This urgency is fueled by the upcoming Major Source Boiler MACT final compliance deadline of January 31, 2016—which ends the three-year grace period from the date the final rules were published.  Read more on Boiler MACTDownload Boiler MACT Information Guide

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