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New Video: Master Your Mass Flow Control Challenges

Jun 22, 2016

For over 40 years, Sierra has pioneered the development of precision gas mass flow controllers. Today, our high-performance SmartTrak lineup, with over 100,000 successful installations, proves we’ve never let up. For Lab Researchers and Systems Integrators/OEMs, SmartTrak is often called the Swiss Army Knife of gas mass flow controllers. Find out why in our new video.

The SmartTrak Advantage:

  • A true multi-gas digital MFC

  • Available in any flow range you specify up to 1000 standard liters per minute and higher

  • View and change every aspect of SmartTrak with the push of a button

  • Unaffected by upstream gas temperature and pressure fluctuations

  • NIST traceable accuracy with ten-point primary standard calibration over the entire flow range

  • Variety of communications protocols like Modbus, Profibus and Foundation Fieldbus

  • DIY Calibration: You can calibrate SmartTrak mass flow meters and controllers in-house and we will show you how

  • Sierra customizes and specialty tunes

  • Special pricing: we work with you to meet budget requirements and cost targets

  • Support for the lifetime of the instrument

Want to learn more?

Explore how our SmartTrak MFCs control flow or learn more about the full line of Sierra SmartTrak® mass flow controllers.

Matthew Olin, President
Written By:
Matthew Olin, President
Sierra Instruments

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