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For Complex Applications, Have Your Mass Flow Controller Adjusted Remotely

Jan 12, 2012

The days of simple analog mass flow meters with no variables but a zero pot are gone. Now you can get great flexibility with advanced digital mass flow controller technology like our Smart-Trak 100. But, because of this virtue, the flow meter also has many communication variables. We try to keep it simple by minimizing the need to access many of these variables in our customer communication program. However, sometimes your application is truly challenging and requires more adjustments than usual. To harness the true power of the instrument, you need more software and more knowledge.

That’s where our ability to remotely adjust a mass flow controller really comes in handy. If you have a Smart-Trak 100, here’s how you can take advantage of our remote programming services:

  • Connect the 100 Series flow meter to a computer using RS232 or open-source MODBUS RTU protocol.

  • Connect the computer to the Internet and contact Sierra Instruments.

  • Allow us to “take over” the computer  and the instrument remotely using TeamViewer or GoToMyPC and we will adjust the flow meter as required.

In applications where you need advanced air flow sensor capabilities, our Compod™ Programmable Control Module comes with multi-drop RS-485/MODBUS RTU communications, giving you full system control, monitoring and the ability to network multiple flow meters. You can add Compod to any of our 100 Series models, including the Smart-Trak 2, the next generation of our digital flow meters.

If you need more advanced help, training or support, you can contact us at or by using live help.

Paul de Waal, Managing Dir., Sierra Europe
Written By:
Paul de Waal, Managing Dir., Sierra Europe
Sierra Instruments

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