Volumetric Flow Meters for Water Treatment Facility Support

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Maintaining the health of your water treatment facility requires instrumentation you can rely on. Sierra offers turnkey solutions for a variety of gas, liquid, and steam applications. From tracking and allocating natural gas, to measuring compressed air, to aeration basins and digester gas measurements, our thermal mass flow meters are ideal: high turndown, direct mass flow and the highest accuracy in the market—+/- 0.75% of reading.

For influent and effluent water measurement, the economical InnovaMass volumetric vortex flow meter has a volumetric accuracy +/- 1.0% of reading over a 30:1 range. Available in both inline and insertion versions, the unique InnovaMass insertion volumetric flowmeter provides easy, single-point installation, as well as hot tap and a hot tap retractor.  Our clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters are also ideal for this application.

Our InnovaMass also offers accurate steam flow measurement, 1% of reading, and 30:1 turndown to provide you with the highest accuracy steam flow measurement for substantial savings on energy and maintenance costs. Multivariable mass vortex meters measure five process variables—mass flow rate, temperature, pressure, volumetric flow rate and fluid density—with one process connection.

All of our InnovaMass volumetric and multivariable flow meters feature our innovative flow energy management tools driven by our new Raptor II OS that will empower your process and save you time and money.

It Has Apps

  • ValidCal Diagnostics™ delivers field validation
  • MeterTuning ™ cancels noise, improves accuracy
  • Dial-A-Pipe™ allows you to quickly change pipe sizes in the field
  • Dial-A-Fluid™ measures a variety of fluids whenever you choose 
  • qMix ™ makes/measures custom mixtures
  • Many more apps to come!

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