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RedySmart - Rock Solid MFC for BioProcessing

Modular. Stable. Precise.

Proven Thermal Mass Flow Meters and Controllers with Stable MEMS Technology 

Watch this video to discover Sierra’s latest addition to our thermal mass flow controller family. The RedySmart™ is a rock-solid mass flow controller for bioprocessing designed to deliver smooth, stable, accurate and repeatable gas mass flow control you can rely on. 

Learn how the RedySmart offers the Biopharmaceutical and BioProcessing industry a true OEM/Bioprocessing mass flow control solution with its modular design, easy integration into a gas mixing block and flexible digital communications options along with a lifetime no-drift sensor warranty. Ideal for engineers in the biopharmaceutical industry that require precise control of the gases used in bioreactors to optimize microbial growth and ensure proper mixing and distribution of the biomass.

Learn more about Sierra’s RedySmart thermal mass flow meters and controllers.

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