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Flow energy tools that save money.

The flow of energy in the form of steam, compressed air, natural gas, and water must be measured and managed to minimize energy losses. Sierra's goal is to design, manufacture and deliver measurement tools in the form of flow meters, apps and connectivity to allow for the most precise management of “flow energy.”

Covering the whole range of air, gas, liquid, water and steam flow measurement applications, we manufacture vortex, ultrasonic and thermal mass flow meters for the power and energy conservation industry.

All forms of energy loss have a cost and reducing these costs drives increased productivity and competitiveness. There are many forms of energy contained in flow, whether it is the heat energy (BTU or joules) in steam or water, the potential combustive energy in natural gas, or the potential expansion energy in compressed air.

Measuring thermal energy requires measuring the flow rate of the liquid and the temperature difference between the hot and cold legs. While this seems straightforward, there are many factors that that can influence the measurement and reduce accuracy.  Fluid properties really matter when trying to make a good measurement.

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