Archive: Instruction Manuals, Datasheets, & Software


Part Number
50-SmartTrak IM-50  
100-SmartTrak (for serial numbers: 125,000 and under) IM-100 C.9  
100 Series Manual  IM-100, X   
100-SmartTrak - Compod IM-COMPOD  
100-SmartTrak Foundation Fieldbus IM-100 FF-BUS Rev. V1  
100 Series Modbus Manual  IM-100Modbus  
100-SmartTrak Profibus Manual  IM-100ProfibusDP  
100-SmartTrak (includes 100 HP) IM-100 Rev. U  
100 SmartTrak Manual - German  IM-100, H.2  
101-CalBench IM-101  
180-MaxTrak  IM-180, B.7  
180-MaxTrak  IM-180, N   
180 Modbus Manual  IM-180Modbus  
140 SmartTrak IM-100 Version U  
140 Quick Install PN: 47-0435-E  
205 InnovaSonic IM-205  
205 InnovaSonic Energy
206 InnovaSonic
IM-205 E.2
205i InnovaSonic IM-205i  
207i InnovaSonic Product Manual  IM-207i  
207i BACnet Instruction Manual  IM-207i-BACnet  
207i Smart Interface Portal (SIP) Manual  IM-207SIP  
210 & 210i  InnovaSonic Portable (all versions)  All Manuals for 210 & 210i  
220 & 221 InnovaFlo Vortex / Pre January 2006 IM-22  
240 & 241 InnovaFlow Vortex / Pre January 2007 IM-24, Rev. C  
240 & 241 InnovaFlow Vortex / Purchased Feb 2007 - Nov 2007 IM-24  
240 & 241 InnovaFlow Vortex IM-24 G  
240i & 241i iSeries Instruction Manual  24i-IM  
240i & 241i Modbus Instruction Manual IM-24i-Modbus  
240i & 241i ATEX/IECEx Manual  IM-240i-241i-ATEX and IECEx  
240i & 241i BACnet Instruction Manual IM240i/241i BACnet   
240i & 241i Foundation Fieldbus Instruction Manual  IM240i/241i-FF  
240i & 241i HART Instruction Manual  IM-24i-HART  
240i & 241i SIP Manual  24i-IM-SIP  
500-CalTrak IM-500  
800-CalTrak IM-800  
InnovaSwitch Flow & Level Switch IM-420  
600 HVAC IM-60-HVAC  
600/640 AccuFlo/Steel-Trak IM-60-600  
615 Level Switch IM-615 Version H  
620S FastFlo Insertion IM-62S  
620S BoilerTrak IM-62 BT  
640 MultiTrak Insertion FM IM-64-64-FM  
640S MultiTrak Insertion IM-64S  
640S MultiTrak Insertion IM-64S D  
670 Digital-Flow IM-67-CEMS /  
670 Digital-Flow Insert IM-67-CEMS / Insert  
670S MultiTrak Manual IM-Multipoint, Version D  
730 Accu-Mass IM-73-AM  
730 FastTrak IM-73-FT  
740 Flo-Trak IM-74-AM  
760S/780S UHP IM-76S-78S-UHP  
780S FlowTrak In-Line IM-78S B  
780S FlowTrak In-Line - Including 760S Kynar IM-78S C.1  
810 MassTrak IM-81  
810 MassTrak IM-81 D.5  
810 MassTrak IM-81 E  
810 MassTrak Manual IM-81, H  
820 TopTrak Series (826/827 included)  IM-82, J  
820 TopTrak IM-82  
820 TopTrak IM-82 E.1  
IM-83-84-86 G.6
830/840 Power Supply T-2 INSTALLATION  
860 Software Addendum IM-86-SA  
903,904,905 FloBox IM-90-FB  
954 FloBox IM-954  
900 Single & Dual IM-90-I  
T-2 Installation IM-954, Rev. A  
920 Collector-Box IM-92  
951 Flo-box  IM-951, V. B.1    
954 Flo-box IM-954,   
1610 Flow-Multimeter IM-61  
BG1/BG2 Partial Flow System IM-BG1  
Smart Interface Software IM-SIP  
810S IM-810S  
240 SCT    
240 EMS    
100HP SmartTrak Datasheet 100HP C 08/19  
100 HP Quick Install Guide 47-0527-D  
100HP Safety Guide 99-1872  
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100/101/140 Quick Install  47-0435-E  
100 Modbus Quick Install  47-0486  
100 HP Quick Install Guide 47-0527-D  
100HP Safety Guide 99-1872  
100-SmartTrak Foundation Fieldbus Quick Install Guide  47-0504  
100-SmartTrak Profibus DP Quick Install Guide  47-0487  
180 Quick Install 47-0408-G  
180 Modbus Quick Install  47-0488  
207i Quick Start Guide 47-0551  
207i BACnet Quick Install Guide  47-0572-A  
240i & 241i Quick Tuning Guide  P/N 47-0548 V4  
240i/241i Frequently Asked Questions & Basic Trouble Shooting Guide 1.0  
810 Quick Install Guide  47-0387-E  
SmartTrak 100 Datasheet (for serial numbers: 125,000 and under) Datasheet C  
826/827 Datasheet  H  
100 Series (Applicable to serial numbers 124,999 and below)  1.06  
100 Series Foundation Fieldbus Bit Map Files 1.0  
Fieldbus Device Description Files  4.0  
100 Series Profibus DP Bit Map Files 1.0  
100 Series Profibus DP GSD Files 1.0  
207i Smart Interface Portal (SIP) Software    
240i/241i iSeries Smart Interface Portal (SIP) Software    
207I introduction Video     
207i Smart Interface Portal (SIP) Software Overview     
207i Quick Start App     
How to Install and Operate the InnovaSonic 207i     
Energy Efficiency in Hot/Chiled Water BTU     
How to Install, Remove, and Operate InnovaMass 241i iSeries Vortex Flow Meter Retractor