Press Releases

Sierra to Exhibit World’s Most Accurate Thermal Mass Flow Meter at the World Hydrogen 2024 Summit and Exhibition

Date Released: 05/08/2024

Sierra Exhibiting at SVC TechCon 2024

Date Released: 05/07/2024

Sierra Expands Thermal Leadership with New TM100 and TM500 Thermal Mass Flow Meters

Date Released: 10/11/2023

Sierra Celebrates 50 Years of Flow Innovation and the Beginning of a New Era

Date Released: 05/12/2023

Sierra Showcases Hydrogen Flow Meter Solution at World Hydrogen 2023 Summit & Exhibition 

Date Released: 05/05/2023

Sierra Instruments Introduces New Industrial Thermal Mass Flow Meter and Controller for Biopharmaceuticals, Foods and Beverages

Date Released: 08/16/2022

Sierra's Flare Measurement Solutions Prepare the Oil & Gas Industry for Sweeping Regulation Changes

Date Released: 08/04/2022

Sierra Launches New Flow Meter Selection App 

Date Released: 08/16/2021

TASI Product Integrity doubles India operations with more growth to come

Date Released: 01/21/2021

New QuadraTherm qMix RealTime Flare Measurement System 

Date Released: 06/10/2020

Sierra MFCs Accelerate Vaccine Development for Bioprocessing 

Date Released: 04/15/2020

Sierra Announces NEW Line of MEMS-Based Thermal Mass Flow Controllers & Flow Meters

Date Released: 01/16/2020

Sierra’s Redesigned Website Portal Introduces Unparalleled Efficiency, Support, and New FastShipTM Online Sales Platform

Date Released: 08/22/2019

Sierra Instruments Joins TASI Group

Date Released: 05/14/2019

InnovaSonic 207i Ultrasonic Flow Meter with BACnet

Date Released: 03/08/2019

Big-3 Flow Energy Platform Eases Burden of Veteran’s Affairs (VA) Facility Upgrades

Date Released: 01/31/2019

Sierra’s Big-3 Voted Top Flow Measurement Innovation

Date Released: 10/11/2018

Sierra Launches New Solid Particle Number System (SPNS EliteTM) at Automotive Testing Expo

Date Released: 09/27/2018

Sierra Brings Leading-Edge Particle Number Sampler to Market

Date Released: 08/28/2018

Sierra Instruments’ InnovaMass® 240i/241i Steam & Water Vortex Flow Meter now with BACnet Communications

Date Released: 08/12/2018

Sierra Instruments Showcases Its New Big-3 Flow Measurement Solution at ACHEMA

Date Released: 05/31/2018

Sierra Introduces One Complete Industrial Flow Energy Solution

Date Released: 02/08/2018

Sierra CP Introduces New Automatic Filter Changer

Date Released: 02/07/2018

New Liquid Ultrasonic Flowmeter has Apps and is Optimized for Thermal Energy/BTU Measurement

Date Released: 07/21/2017

New Sierra Instruments' Infographic Explains Advantage of Thermal Mass Flow Controllers for Industrial Applications

Date Released: 04/13/2017

Capabilities Video Illustrates Advantages of Mass Flow Controllers for Research Labs

Date Released: 11/13/2016

Capabilities Video Illustrates Advantages of Industrial Mass Flow Controllers for OEMS

Date Released: 11/13/2016

Sierra Offers Flow Meters to Comply with EPA Boiler MACT Regulations

Date Released: 08/01/2016

Engine Test Facility Designed and Built by Sierra CP Wins International Acclaim

Date Released: 02/01/2016

Sierra Instruments Launches New Website & E-Commerce Portal

Date Released: 12/15/2015

How InnovaMass iSeries Flow Meters Are Changing the Game

Date Released: 11/06/2015

Sierra Instruments Releases New Full Line Flow Meter Catalog

Date Released: 07/30/2015

Sierra’s Thermal Mass Flow Meter Makes Field Adjusting Possible

Date Released: 07/08/2015

Sierra Instruments to Showcase New Gas Mixing Software for Flow Meters at ACHEMA

Date Released: 06/11/2015

Sierra Introduces New Line of Gas Flow Control Valves

Date Released: 05/29/2015

Sierra Announces Upgrade to Ultrasonic Flow Meter Line

Date Released: 03/11/2015

Sierra Instruments Releases New Gas Mixing Feature

Date Released: 02/12/2015

Sierra to Present Paper on CAHU and ExhaustTrak at Automotive Testing Expo North America

Date Released: 10/16/2014

Sierra-CP Expands Operations with New India Location in Pune

Date Released: 07/22/2014

Sierra-CP Expands Operations with New India Location in Pune

Date Released: 07/22/2014

QuadraTherm® Thermal Mass Flow Meters Obtain HART and Profibus DP Certification

Date Released: 07/09/2014

QuadraTherm® 640i/780i Air Flow Meters Now With Full Suite of Global Agency Approvals-cFMus, ATEX and IECEx

Date Released: 05/12/2014

New Animated Video Shows Principle of Operation of Thermal Mass Flow Meters

Date Released: 04/24/2014

Flare Gas White Paper Explores Flow Metering Challenges

Date Released: 03/05/2014

Sierra Instruments Announces QuadraTherm® Thermal Mass Flow Meters Now Have Full Device Description Foundation Fieldbus

Date Released: 02/28/2014

Sierra Announces New Meter for Continuous Fuel Consumption Measurement

Date Released: 02/19/2014

Sierra Introduces Next Generation Partial Flow Dilution System

Date Released: 01/07/2014

Sierra-CP Engineering Chosen by Foton for Comprehensive E-Motor Testing Facility in China

Date Released: 12/03/2013

Sierra Introduces Direct Exhaust Mass Flow Meter

Date Released: 11/13/2013

Sierra-CP Introduces New Products at Automotive Testing Expo North America

Date Released: 10/08/2013

Sierra Instruments Releases Flow Totalizer Software for QuadraTherm® 640i/780i

Date Released: 09/16/2013

Sierra-CP Engineering to Present Live Demonstrations of Advanced CADET V14 Software at Automotive Testing China

Date Released: 09/10/2013

Sierra's QuadraTherm® 640i/780i Wins Flow Control's Innovation Award

Date Released: 08/23/2013

New Biogas Flow Measurement White Paper

Date Released: 08/21/2013

Sierra Wins the 2013 Laboratory Equipment Readers' Choice Award

Date Released: 08/15/2013

Sierra Expands Online Industrial Flow Meter Store

Date Released: 08/14/2013

Sierra Expands Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meter Product Line & Online Store

Date Released: 07/12/2013

Sierra Instruments Announces New Digital Communication Protocol Web Resources

Date Released: 06/20/2013

Sierra's QuadraTherm® 640i/780i Wins Industry Award

Date Released: 03/25/2013

Sierra Showcases Online Flow Meter Solutions at Pittcon

Date Released: 03/17/2013

Sierra Announces Never Before Possible Accuracy For Thermal Dispersion Technology

Date Released: 10/19/2012

Sierra's New Cryogenic InnovaMass®

Date Released: 08/15/2012

Sierra to Present Live Demo at Achema

Date Released: 06/18/2012

Sierra Increases Online Store Product Line

Date Released: 05/25/2012

New SmartTrak 140 Mass Flow Controller

Date Released: 05/15/2012

New Auto Test Systems Website

Date Released: 04/25/2012

Sierra Shows New Flowmeter at Pittcon

Date Released: 02/27/2012

Sierra Expands SmartTrak 50 Flow Ranges

Date Released: 11/17/2011

New Chlorine Measurement Breakthrough

Date Released: 11/15/2011

Sierra Acquires UK Based CP Engineering

Date Released: 10/24/2011

New Transit-Time Ultrasonic Flowmeters

Date Released: 09/21/2011

Sierra's Online Store Goes Global!

Date Released: 08/17/2011

Sierra Expands Its OEM Product Line

Date Released: 07/20/2011

New Next Generation InnovaSonic 210i

Date Released: 05/05/2011

New Alternative for US EPA Part 1065

Date Released: 04/13/2011

Sierra Launches Online Sales Store Front

Date Released: 04/06/2011

New Clean Energy Guide From Sierra

Date Released: 01/17/2011

Inspiring Future Engineers with LEGOs

Date Released: 12/10/2010

50 Series Wins Industry Innovation Award

Date Released: 11/15/2010

Sierra Extends Flow Switch Warranty

Date Released: 07/30/2010

Sierra Introduces Cryogenic Vortex Meter

Date Released: 07/19/2010

Sierra Announces New SmartTrak 50

Date Released: 05/19/2010

Sierra Redesigns Website

Date Released: 03/29/2010

Pittcon Press Kit

Date Released: 02/28/2010

Sierra To Present Live Demo at Pittcon

Date Released: 02/05/2010

New Lifetime Warranty Policy for Sensors

Date Released: 01/25/2010

New Flowmeters for GHG Reporting

Date Released: 12/10/2009

Sierra a Pivotal Role in Biogas Production

Date Released: 11/25/2009

Sierra Shows BG3 at Auto Testing Expo

Date Released: 10/23/2009

New Automatic Filter for Engine Testing

Date Released: 10/23/2009

HeatPak For Engine / Vehicle Testing

Date Released: 10/23/2009

Sierra Launches New Emissions Website

Date Released: 10/23/2009

Sierra Shows AirTrak 628S At Testing Expo

Date Released: 10/23/2009

New Vortex Technology White Paper

Date Released: 10/09/2009

SmartTrak 100 With Compod - Winners!

Date Released: 10/05/2009

MBARI Uses Sierra in Ocean Research

Date Released: 09/25/2009

New Ultrasonic Thermal Energy/ BTU Meter

Date Released: 07/20/2009

Sierra Introduces New MultiTrak 670S

Date Released: 07/15/2009

Sierra Instruments Launches New Website

Date Released: 07/07/2009

Sierra Introduces SmartTrak 2 Series

Date Released: 05/06/2009

Sierra Introduces New Compod

Date Released: 04/09/2009

640S Receives Russian Certification

Date Released: 04/02/2009

Sierra Instruments Receives CRN Approval

Date Released: 03/18/2009

Flow Meter Principle of Operation Video

Date Released: 03/10/2009

640S Flow Meter With Self-Cleaning Port

Date Released: 02/27/2009

Sierra Releases High Temperature 640S

Date Released: 02/17/2009

New Heavy Industrial Mass Flow Controller

Date Released: 01/07/2009

SmartTrak 100 Goes to Ends of the Earth

Date Released: 12/19/2008

See BG3 with TDAC at Automotive Testing

Date Released: 10/17/2008

Sierra Introduces New AirTrak 628S

Date Released: 10/17/2008

Sierra Introduces New Gas Flow Calibrator

Date Released: 09/03/2008

New Online Flowmeter Selections Tools

Date Released: 04/30/2008

Sierra Improves Its InnovaSonic Products

Date Released: 03/28/2008

New Online Flow Application Resource

Date Released: 01/17/2008

InnovaMass 241 Wins Industry Award

Date Released: 11/07/2007

Sierra Improves Its Vortex Mass Flowmeter

Date Released: 08/20/2007